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Fashion and Finishing Accessory Kit for Janome

£119.00 incl tax

A kit with all a colection of feet to achieve professional results and finishes to clothing.

Included is:-

Beading Feet Set - two feet, one with a narrow groove and one with a wider groove underneath. It allows for strung beads to pass under the foot whilst sewing with a zig zag to secure to fabric.

Concealed Zipper Foot - get the best professional finish to insert concealed/invisible zips in seams. 

Edge Stitch Foot - this is ideal when topstitching very close to an edge of the fabric. The guide is adjustable and rest against the edge of fabric to sew a few mm in from the edge perfectly. 

Gathering Foot - perfect for dress weight fabrics and is sewn on a single layer. The amount of gather is determined by weight of fabric, stitch length and needle thread tension. 

Rolled Hem Foot Set - acheive tiny rolled hems on to the edge of fabrics especially organzas and chiffons. One foot with give a 4mm hem and the other a 6mm hem.

Ribbon/sequin Foot - narrow ribbon or strung sequins can been fed into the front of this foot, ensuring the ribbon or sequins stay flat whilst sewn.

Included is a sewing and tips guide.

Suitable for 9mm machines:

MC15000, MC14000, MC12000, MC9900, MC8900QCP, MC8200QC, Atelier 9, Atelier 7, Atelier 5.





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