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Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set

£19.00 incl tax

We all know that at times the guide on the 1/4" foot can be in the way an often wish that we could remove it when needed. This set has been designed to overcome this.

When you want the benefit of guides for either piecing or in the ditch quilting, these can be attached or removed as required. 

The clear view foot allows you to see through the fabric whilst the red guide lines helps to achieve acurate piecing without obstruction.

An oval shaped needle hole allows small needle adjustments for scant 1/4" piecing, with a maximum adjustament of 1mm.

Markings on the foot indicate 1/8" and 1/4" from centre needle drop position with handy cornering markings for both measurements.

NB - not available for Category A machines.

To check which catergory your model of machine comes under - click here

Cat B -   6.5mm - 7mm width drop in bobbin / short shank

Cat C -   7mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Cat D -   9mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

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