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Blind Hem Stitch Foot

£19.00 incl tax

Makes the sewing of blind invisible hems easier on the sewing machines, using guides in the foot.

The model of your machine will dictate which foot option is used, either the adjustable or fixed.

Category A - this is the adjustable option and the guide can be control by turning the screw to bring the guide closer of further away from the fold in the hem.

Category B,C and D - this fixed option has a metal guide in the centre which fits snugly to the fold of the fabric in the hem. The needle moves left to right over the metal guide creating slack in the stitch to avoid a puckered, pulled stitch on the right side.

To check which catergory your model of machine comes under - click here

Cat  A -  5mm width front loading bobbin / short shank

Cat B -   6.5mm - 7mm width drop in bobbin / short shank

Cat C -   7mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Cat D -   9mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

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