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Beading Foot

£19.00 incl tax

Take the hassel out of sewing on strung beads, great for decorative and bridal work.

A zig zag stitch is used and the groove under the foot the allow the beads to pass underneath in a central position so the needle will zig zag across the width of the bead.

Draw a line on the fabric and lay the sturng beads to follow the line.  Can be used with decorative cords that fit the foot.

Depending on the category of your machine, there are different option availble for the foot as follow:-

Category A - not available.

Category B and C - only available as a 2 set pack- contains a narrow foot (2mm beads) and wide for (2.5mm - 4mm) beads.

Category D - narrow and wide foot are available, but only as individual feet.

To check which catergory your model of machine comes under - click here

Cat  A -  5mm width front loading bobbin / short shank

Cat B -   6.5mm - 7mm width drop in bobbin / short shank

Cat C -   7mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Cat D -   9mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Select the catergory code of your machine model below before adding to cart. 




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