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Convertible Even Feed (Walking) Foot Set

£65.00 incl tax

Often referrred to as the Walking Foot, it is incredible handy for all sorts of sewing from dressmaking to quilting.

This version of the walking is known as convertible as both open and closed toe feet interchange on to the walking foot holder. Comes with two guides, an adjustable quilting guide and in the ditch quilting guide.  

There is a set of feed dogs built into the foot which work in conjunction with the feed dogs in the sewing machines. This even feeding of fabric stops the top layer of fabric from slipping or creeping forwards.

It useful when sewing tricky fabrics or layers.

Fabrics - Use for matching stripes and checks, sewing velvets, black out linning, leather, vinyl, oil cloth, or other difficult to handle/sew fabrics. Ideal for sewing long seams on curtains when pattern matching the design.

Quilting - A must for quilters, which is why it is sometime known as a quilting foot. It jeeps the fabric and batting from feeding through the machine unevenly. There is also a metal guide known as the quilting guide which is ideal for sewing straight parallel lines on your quilting projects.

This is the closed toed option, for an open toe walking foot click below on the related products.

NB - Only availble for MC9900 and Atelier 5 in category D, not avilable for category A.

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Cat  A -  5mm width front loading bobbin / short shank

Cat B -   6.5mm - 7mm width drop in bobbin / short shank

Cat C -   7mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Cat D -   only availble for MC9900 and Atelier 5 in this category.

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