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Free Motion Frame Quilting Feet Set (Ruler Quilting)

£21.00 incl tax

This set of feet is designed to work on the Janome 1600P straight stitch machine, however it does fit and work in conjuction with the Convertible  Free Motion Quilting Foot Set for Category B,C and D machines.

Two additional feet which includes the following:

Ruler (frame) quilt foot - this foot is 1/4" high and cicular and is used in conjunction with quilting rulers and templates that has become so popular.

Open teod foot - for traditional straight stitch free mtoion. (This foot does come in the original convertaible set)

If you want to use this set on the 1600P, you need to use the Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set that is specifically made for the 1600P (See below)

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Cat  A -  5mm width front loading bobbin / short shank

Cat B -   6.5mm - 7mm width drop in bobbin / short shank

Cat C -   7mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

Cat D -   9mm width drop in bobbin / high (long) shank

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