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Janome MBX V5. Embroidery Software

£899.00 incl tax

Janome Digitiser MBX is a full powerful digitizing software with Corel Draw graphics programe attached. It gives complete editing and control over embroidery designs. You can choose to either manually digitize or let the software auto digitze. Any embroidery design  can be edited by the object shape or an individual stitch. 

Import an image into the software or create an image in Coral Draw that is attached. With one click you can switch between Corel Draw and Digtiser. Images can be automatically digitised with only a few clicks which can be then be saved as a Janome Embridery File (JEF) onto a USB and transfer to the embroidery machine to stitch the design. Or you can digitise manually to create outline shapes, single outline, or digitise free hand, thereby giving you complete control over what is transformed into stitches.

Draw a picture and scan into the computer and the import that into the digitising software which will turn it into an embroidery design. Although this software has a photo satin stitch, embroidery softwares are unable to identically reproduce photograpghs without being manually digitised in layers.

The software has 110 built in stitch fonts as well as converting standard True Type fonts in your computer. The lettering, numbers and puntuation can be altered in size from 1cm upwards. Lettering can be arched to sit around designs or create lettering art (similar to Word art in Publisher). Alternatively create 2 or 3 letter monogramming. Letters can be placed on their own or grouped within shaped border with additonal ornamentation. Extra borders can be added to shapes and off set. A fill can also be added within a shape behind the monogram for even more creativity.

Designs can be combined by copy and pasting into a single hoop and lettering can also be added to designs. Editing designs in MBX has greater flexibility over Jr. Not only can the designs be fully rotated, mirror imaged on both vertical and horizontal planes, but individual stitches can be adjusted, outlines of object shapes adjusted. To resize a design simply click and drag to increase or decrease to fit the size of hoop. The software will automatically change te density of the stitch by adding extra stitches or removing stitches as the design is resized keepin the design intact. 

Embroidery designs can be broken down into individual objects so the fill stitch can be changed from default setting. Choose from 13 different fill stitches consisting of Tatami (Weave), Satin, Embosed, 3D Satin, Motif, Contour, Cross Stitch, Stipple single, Stipple backstitch, Stipple Stemstitch, Balnaket and Photo Satin. Tatami has 44 various types,  embosed fill there are 105 different types and motif 154 various types divided between traditional Blackwork, Candlewicking and Embrodiery Gallery stitches. Effects can also be created  with 3 different feather edge styles or gradient fills.The other fill stitches can be adjusted in size and density making your embroidery design fully customable. 

Designs can also have outline consisting of Single, Triple, Sculptureed, Motif, Backstitch, Stemstitch, Zigzag, Satin, 3D Satin and Blanket. You also create Applique, embroidery buttonholes into projects and wire for edging.  

Thread colours can be changed easily by clicing the object and clicking the colour at the bottom of the screen. For larger embroidrey projects the software has a multi hooping function. Select the colour and fabric type for the background which will give an impression of how the design will look on the finished item. The trueview makes the embroidery design look like real stitches. The design area has some icons that are the same on Word and Publisher giving a familiar feel and making it easier to navigate around.

The software is compatable with the following Janome models, MC 15000, MC 14000, MC 12000, MC11000, MC10001 and MC1000 V3. or higher, MC1000 ver 2.1, MC9900, MC9500, MC300E, MC500E, MC450E, MC400E, MC350, MC200E.  The Elna Expressive models940, 920, 900,860, 820, 830, and Elna 9600, 8600, 8200, 8100. Also includes NS-1, MB-4, MB-5.

Embroidery designs not only can be saved in the JEF format for the above machines but also in the following formats. JPX, SEW, EMD, EXP BERNINA, PES, PEC, VP3, VIP, SHV, HUS, PCS, PCD, PCQ, PCM, XXX, CSD, EXP MELCO, DST. 

Available to order only.

Demonstration of this software is available in store by pre arranged appointment.  After purchasing this product 2 x 1 hour free tuition is given in store within shop hours. Valid for 1 year and pre booking is required.

0% Finance is available on this product for information or to apply please ring 0117 9778216.

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