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Bernina Stitch Regulating Foot (BSR)

£450.00 incl tax

The Bernina Stitch Regulatng Foot reacts to thr movement of the fabric under the foot and controls the speed of the machine. This makes it easier to regulate the stitch length with the speed allowed, independent of the movement of fabric.  If the fabric is moved too fast a beep is emitted (so longas beeper function is activated on your machine).

There are a choice of 3 shoes to attach to the base of the foot, depending on the type of quilting for the sewing project. A open toe and closed toe  foot  perfect for straight quilting and the larger clear disc that has guides on the foot to help keep and even distance when stippiling. It also has a larger hole for any zig zag quilting.

A popular foot for quilters and patchworks. 

It compatible with selected models from the Bernina Range listed below.

  1. Catergory D - Aurora 430, (440QE, was included with this model)
  2. Catergory D1 - B530, (550QE was included with this model)
  3. Catergory F - Artista 630
  4. Catergory F1 - Aurora 435, 450, 640, B580
  5. Catergory F2 - 710 (7 series)
  6. Catergory F3 -(750QE was included with this model)
  7. Catergory G - Artista 730
  8. Catergory G1 - 2015 7 Series 720 (2015 750QE was included with this model) and 770


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