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Twin Needle 2.0mm - Schmetz

£3.49 incl tax

Twin needles are great for topstitching and getting two lines of straight stitching parrallel, all in one go.  They come in a variety of sizes, but the 2.0mm (distance between the needles), allows you to sew some decorative stitches, especially zig zag.

If you use the 2.00mm twin needle with any decorative, make sure you don't have the stitch width above 3.0, as the needle with hit the foot.

Some computorised sewing machines have a twin needle function, which when engaged, put a limit on your stitch width and will automatically only let you the select the stitches that will work with this needle.  The twin needle function on a computorised machine is set for a 2.0mm needle.

Using a twin needle - insert the the needle the same way as a standard needle, 2 threads on the top (you may need to add your secondry spool pin) and 1 bobbin on the bottom.

This needle is required for sewing pintucks and used in conjuction with pintuck feet.

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