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  • When an Elf losses her Jingle. 16 December 2017 | View comments

  • What do you do when a Young Elf looses her Jingle?  Well! here at Direct Sewing Machines we make her a pair of Stripey Ankle Bells,

    Here is how we did it.

    1. Fold an A4 Sheet of paper in half to get A5

    2.Take the top layer and fold the bottom edge to meet the fold , crease in the diagonal line

    3. Take the top layer and fold it back to the lefthand fold and crease

    4. open out this last fold on the creaseline measure and mark 5cm up from the point and draw a horizontal line

    5. Mark another line 3cm after that and Draw a horizontal line

    6. Measure up 10cm and mark with a dot,

    7. Draw a line from the dot to the edge of the last line, this will give you a diamond shape, (although not even both ends)

    8, Cut out this diamond shape 

    9. fold the lower point under on the 5cm line, use the shape that is left as your pattern

    10 Cut out 16 (8 per ankle) when using stripes take care to get the stripes running central as shown


    Sewing up


    1. Devide the penants into pairs with the right sides together 


    2. Sew along one short edge of each pair

    3, open out and press seam to one side.

    4, Devide into pairs agian and sew one short edge on each pair, giving you rows of 4, 

    5. open out and Press

     6. now place the these into 2 pairs and Sew both short edges to create 2 rings,

    7, open out and Press seams.

    8, If this doesn't lie flat on the mat you may need to tweake some of the seams as per image on the right 


    9. Lay right sides down on the backing fabric.

    10. Rough Cut  to make pieces more managable.

    11. Stitch all around the outer edge 1/4" from top layer edge

    12. take great care to pivot at the point and at the seams

    13. Trim the backing fabric to match top and snip into V shape at seam, reduce seamallowance of the point

    14. Fold in half and snip base layer only.

    15. Open out and use this snip to allow you to cut out the inner octagon to match top layer

    16. turn rightsides out and push out points carefully with a blunt point.

    17. Sew the the layers together at the inner octagon, approx 1/4"

    18. Snip into the angles. fold under to the stitched line

    19. Take enough elastic to go around the ankle make sure it will stretch over the  Foot

    20. Sew it into a ring

    21. Using a 3 Step Zigzag and Craft Foot attach the penants to one edge of the elasic make sure the raw edges of the fabric are folded under and get trapped by the stitch and elastic.

    22.be carefull to stretch  the elastic evenly, devide into 1/4's to make this easier and more even

    23. Hand sew a bell to each point

    Hey! Jingle Bells all done.

    Here's a photo of the Elf in action Santa was very pleased with her.

    Try wearing a set it makes you smile to hear your feet jingle,


     Enjoy! Merry Christmas One and All.

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