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  • Inspiration - when does it strike and trigger the brain cell to sew!

    As a demonstrator and tutor in the shop, I often get aked how do I get ideas or inspirations for sewing projects.  Sometimes I use patterns and other times just go with the flow. That is the route I took when doing this project for the shop.

    These amazing horror movie poster fabric panels have been in the shop for a whie and with Halloween next month it seemed the ideal time to use.

    Taking these as my inspiration, I wanted the panels to do the talking so I would use black fabric and the Mettler shaded quilting thread for the quilting and that is as far as the planning went.

    Inititally I was going to cut strips of black fabric and piece them to the panels and put them together in a random nature, but I changed my mind.

    I have now decided to applique the panels to the black fabric. Next debate to quilt the panels individually?, quite like this idea and after a bit of a play that what I will do.

    One of the great things about sewing projects in a sewing machine shop is that I can choose which machine to use. So for this project I picked the Pfaff Ambition 1.0 which has built in walking foot which will be handy for the quliting.

    This is how I made the quilt:-

    1. Placed batting and some calico behind the individual panels and free motion quilted to highlight certain parts of the design.

    2. I used an applique stitch, (on the Pfaff Ambition, known as Pin Stitch) to sew the panels down in the same colour as the border of each panel.

    3. I wanted to leave the panels as the main focus of the quilt, so to quilt my layers together I will echo quilt around each panel. Using straight stitch and the Mettler shaded (no 9840) thread, which had all the colours featured on the panels.

    4. Although it is traditional to cut strips of fabric for binding, I haven't gone down this route. A combination of time and not the right coloured fabric made the decision to use bias binding by the metre. We had a 25mm wide bias in the bright green that complemented and framed the quilt nicely.

    5. To finish the binding I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding in place. I like to do this sometimes as it can give a great effect. 

    Voila!,  here's the final result, may need to take this home to hide under on Halloween when watching some of these old horror movies.

    Hope you have a good Halloween!


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